Brilliant Learning is an Educational Institute which provides Home Tutorials at student’s door-step by one to one teaching mode. We also provide study materials to students via tech savvy platform like e-learning, social media, audio-visuals, mails and chats and help them solving their queries online. We guide & motivate students for their good career.

With a team of professionals and experts Brilliant Learning serves the purpose of teaching over anything else with easy to understand language. We have experts and teachers who sit for hours to solve student’s queries during exam period.

Why Opt for Brilliant Learning?

  • One to one teaching mode.
  • Expert teachers who can sit for hours.
  • Easy to understand notes and points.
  • Doubt solving over calls, whatsapp and other online modes.
  • Students don’t have to spend time on traveling.
  • Regular take-ups and tests.
  • Progress analysis of students.

What we offer?

  • Regular Tuition for :

CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & State Board from 6th to 12th (All subjects)

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions :

Students can also enroll for particular topics in which they have difficulty instead of enrolling for entire course. So, here students can directly focus on their weak points.

  • Engineering Courses :

1st to Final year prorgams for engineering. (All subjects)

Advantages of home tuition:

The great advantage of home tutoring is the convenience for the student. Education comes at your door, no need to spend valuable time going to coaching centers.

With home tutoring, students can learn at their own comfort. It gives you the flexibility to decide your preferred days and time for getting tuition. Students can also discuss with their tutor regarding the tuition place, time and days.

If a student is weak in any particular subject, then he needs special attention from the teacher to improve performance. This is not often, if at all, possible in school. With home tuition, a student can get distinctive attention from the tutor and devote more time to that subject.

A home tutor is not just for giving tuition on subjects, though. He can also be a mentor to the student, guiding in developing time management and better study skills. This improves student’s overall performance.

Involvement of parents:

Private tuition provides the opportunity to discuss a child’s progress, keep track of performance, and ask for recommendations for improvement. Parents also can check whether their child has completed the assigned homework.

Lesser distractions:

Students face a lot of distractions in schools, colleges, coaching centers and other public learning venues. Home tuition gives a respite from those distractions, providing a comfortable learning environment.

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